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You will definitely know that the hollywood fringe festival is getting underway when the streets of hollywood are getting all festive. There are stalls being set up all over the streets and you would surely enjoy them in so many ways. There are a lot of activities which you would be able to enjoy as well.

Anyone that is not from this area would find so much wonder in these festivals. This is sometimes called the fringe by people who are used to experiencing them. This is a festive event that a lot of people all over the world have been enjoying for so many years.

You would be able to bring other people to this event without needing an invitation at all. This festival started so many years ago and has been a tradition ever since. You can join this event any time you want without any need for an invitation. This is something you need to take advantage of at all times.

These events are pretty much like theatres and they would certainly feed your artistic side. People would enjoy the performances being held in the crowd of people as well. You will never be able to forget the true meaning of this festival in any way.

Those of whom you are celebrating the festival with may have lots of ways in which they enjoy the event too. You will also see artists exploring this activity and performing in the many ways that they can. You will be able to express yourself to the world in any way you want.

This is what la fringe festival is all about and there is really no rival who can stand up to them. There are so many amazing activities being held in this festival that visitors can seem to help but be enchanted by it. There are so many ways in which this event makes people feel like they belong. People go there to find the many attractions which they have heard about as well. City people and those living in the towns head to this amazing celebration every year.

This event was founded decades ago and has since remained alive throughout the years. You will be given a feeling of joy every time you step in the crowd. You will definitely make your festival experience the best there is when you attend this particular one. If it is your first time joining this event then you can simply hire a good guide. You need to be treated like a first time visitor. For sure, you will have so much more fun this way. More info about this at

The Hollywood Fringe Festival: A Show of Human Creativity


The Hollywood fringe festival occurs every year in California. The indoor locations of the festival is placed within and around the Hollywood Theatre Row along the Santa Monica Boulevard. The Hollywood Fringe Festival first began in the year 2010 set by its founder and several other event coordinators.
A total of 130 shows were shown during the festival in that year. The shows presented in the festival were not chosen based the quality. There is a registration fee for those who want to showcase their play as long as they are able to support the production of their show. The event coordinators will be generally handle all marketing responsibilities of the whole festival giving the theatre companies the responsibility of advertising their own shows and finding their own venue for their production.
A bigger number of shows were shown in the 2012 Hollywood fringe festival showcasing a total of 230 plays and some 1000 or more performances. The popularity of the event rose giving more than 300 plays in the 2014 fringe festival.
The popularity of this event was originally started in Edinburgh, Scotland following the rejection of some performers in the Edinburgh International festival prompting them to set up their own stage in the city’s boundaries. The fringe of the city then saw more people put up their own stage as the word spread all throughout and thus the name fringe festival became known. The popularity of the event became known across the world and also reached the American soil.
Those who join the fringe festival are not only able to get public exposure, money and press time but may also be able to get and award of distinction.

Local organizations often sponsor many of the awards given in the festival. The words “best of” or “choice of” should not be used including attachment of the term “fringe” in award titles given by award giving organizations.

The awards must be named in relation to the organization sponsoring the award and not with the Hollywood Fringe Festival. The organization should be present during the awarding ceremony and must be able to present a physical form of the distinction like a plaque or trophy.

When the sponsoring organization is not able to show or bring a plaque and the like as a physical token of the award, then the winners will not be announced. Each organization is allowed to present one distinction thus for multiple awardees, they will all be called to the front at once. The award sponsors will have to supply the following such as name of the award, the contact person for queries, qualifying conditions, how the winners will be picked, the reward for winners and how many plays that the sponsor will commit to go and see.

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The Biggest Performing Arts Fair in the West: Hollywood Fringe Festival


Los Angeles is the home to a great deal of exceptional theatrical productions at such settings as the Geffen Playhouse, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, as well as the Pantages Theater. But then again, the most distinctive places for theater is the Hollywood Fringe Festival which is held each and every year every June.

The Account of Hollywood Fringe Festival
The Hollywood Fringe Festival started in the year 1947 in Edinburgh, Scotland when a group of artists or entertainers who were not chosen for the official Edinburgh International Festival come up with a decision to create a state outside the limits of their city. The word multiplied very soon and there were a great deal such stages circling in the town’s fringe, giving birth to the name of the festivals. The widest fringe festivals on the coast comprised of the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, Minnesota Fringe as well as New York International Fringe Festival,.

Fringe Verity
The Hollywood Fringe Festival or HFF was started by the current Executive Director Ben Hill in the year 2010. During the first few years, the HFF make use of more than 30 places for about almost 190 shows with 800 presentations and sold 17000 tickets. And in 2013, the Hollywood Fringe Festival have grown into 52 venues wherein there are 204 participants for the show and with 1053 performances that have result to 35000 tickets sold and a more than hundred percent increase in just 4 years.

The 2014 Hollywood Fringe Festival started at 7pm PT during May 29, 2014 that has a benefit night at the famous King Club situated at the Hollywood Boulevard and features the cabaret-style samples of the year’s shows and the silent auction and return of Bryan’s Bar.

The festival best plays for this year will feature the comeback of the Fringe central tend and the venue is in the parking lot of the antiquated office building located in front of the Complex, 6455 Santa Monica Boulevard. And for this year’s festival, it will include about 287 participant shows that have 1466 performances at 55 different venues.

Ben Hill, the present executive director had said this about the Hollywood Fringe Festival: “Since we began in 2010, we’ve been working year round to develop a fertile ground for artists to develop great works. Each June we provide a time and a place for the performing arts in Los Angeles. We really like our jobs.”

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The Basic Facts of the Fringe Festival


The Fringe Festival is a festival that is held every year and is composed of aspiring artists and seasoned performers. What you should know about these people is the fact that they are there in the streets to show what they can do to the people. Their talents can range from fire eating, comedy, break dancing and body popping.

There is actually only a minor difference with the Fringe Festival and the other festivals and that is the gate crashing and invitations. In the year 1947, only the artists that had official invitations were allowed to perform at the Fringe Festival. Until today as a matter of fact this is still the case.

However, there have been changes and that is through a peaceful protest. What this means is that there were seven theaters that opened up to be able to play for the public. The desire to be able to share the message and abilities of the artists to their fellow countrymen is the reason why this protest happened.

This is as a matter of fact the reason as to why the HFF is popular and unique. What embodies the essence of the performing arts is none other than the passion that is displayed by the huge crowds and performing artists. This is actually a way for the artists to express what they want to express.

There was even a time wherein there was a competition with the Fringe Festival and the other official festivals of the country. The reason for this rift was due to the fact that the officials of the city found the Fringe Festival to be something of a side show. And it did not matter that the Fringe Festival attracted a lot of positive publicity and a huge crowd.

Furthermore, what came into existence was the Hollywood Fringe Festival Society and its aim was to be able to provide an element of organization to the festival that was slowly expanding. This was also the time wherein the official guides for the Fringe Festival came into existence. The purpose of the official guides is to be able to make sure that the visitors will have a good time at the Fringe Festival.

In the early 80s, the Fringe Festival has already become so popular that there were already 500 theaters that attended each year. Actually it is because of this reason that the Fringe Festival has been called as the largest arts festival held ever in the world. A great achievement – this is what the festival is. The festival as a matter of fact has visitors coming from all over the world which means that it is not limited to residents of the city only. For more info, visit

What is the Hollywood Fringe Festival


Los Angeles is indeed a place which caters to plenty of great theatrical productions of variations, and examples of these are The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, the Geffen Playhouse, and the Pantages Theatre.

However, one should know that the one which stands out from it is the Hollywood Fringe Festival which is held annually in June.

History of the Fringe
This Fringe Festival phenomenon started in 1947 in Edinburgh, Scotland when performers who were not selected to be part of the Edinburgh International Festival have opted to create a stage of their own outside the city place.

It is with this that the word of it had spread and had lead to lots of stages that were circling the town’s fringe, giving way to the rise of various festivals. In the modern world of today, there are already fringe festivals around the world and across America, because of the idea that is still continuously growing.

You should know that the New York International Fringe Festival, the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, and the Minnesota Fringe, are just some of the popular fringe festivals that are located in the East Coast.

Get to Know the Fringe

Ben Hill, the executive director of the Fringe Festival Hollywood had started this in 2010.

During its first year, the festival had already used more than 30 venues for 186 distinct shows with 800 performances, and had sold around 17,000 tickets. By the year 2013, this had then increased to 52 venues where 204 participant shows and 1,053 performances resulted in 35,000 tickets being sold, which is more then a hundred percent in terms of increase in proportions in four years.
Some of the events that it has is a benefit night at the legendary King King club on Hollywood Boulevard and features a kind of like a cabaret style them to it with the return of the Bryan’s Bar. Also, the Fringe Central tent in the parking lot of the old post office building across the street will also have a great come back to this festival.

Know that there are over 287 participant shows and 1,466 performances at 55 venues on this show, so get your feet running for this great festival.

Fringe Venues

The Elephant Space and The Lab, Complex Theatres, Theatre of NOTE, and the Lounge Theatre, are just some of the most famous venues that will be in the festival.

You also have the freedom to go into the other venues such as the Hudson Theatre, the Lex Theatre, the Met Theatre, and the Underground Theatre. Tickets are very much available online or may be purchased is there is still space available at the door.

There will surely be a sell out of the tickets which is why it is highly recommend that tickets be purchased in advance to ensure a seat. Check out for more info.